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Our state of the art pharmaceutical grade lab testing facilities are accredited by the highest global regulatory governing bodies

Ensuring every step in your testing schema is executed at the highest level of analytical processes in accordance with global industry's 🌟gold standard🌟 leading certifications

Microbiology screening

Pesticides screening

Hemp flower compliance test


Hemp products compliance test

Total cannabinoid profile

What we do

Our mission is to facilitate the legitimacy of the rapidly growing cannabis industry in conformity with scientific global societies of testing inspection certification and verification

We deliver the highest analytical technologies available for our testing services while simultaneously utilizing the industries highest global certifications and standards tailored with precision for all our clients unique cannabis testing needs all implemented using the best eMehtods with-in our automated cloud platform. We unfalterly believe in superior testing services and methodologies as the key driving forces for innovation and market segment growth


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Why choose Cirta

Collaborative Relationship Icon

Collaborative Relationship

We strive to build a trusting, collaborative and efficient relationship with our clients creating innovative testing solutions for every phase of your cannabis production cycle while maintaining the most cost & time effective methods

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World class standards

We act in accordance to industries highest regulatory standards and certifications. Utilizing cGMP methodologies used in established industries suchlike pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture and nutraceuticals while delivering a superior end-to-end cannabis workflow

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Technologies and laboratories

We offer an unrivaled testing service. Combining the latest analytical technologies, eMethods, automation and cloud computing technologies to optimize the most leverage from our services for you to thrive in the competitive global cannabis marketplace